Steve Ting

Managing Partner of Gryphus Capital. Founder of Frontline Technologies.

Investor Mentor

Managing Partner of Gryphus Capital. Founder of Frontline Technologies.

Steve Ting is a veteran in the information communication technology industry with more than 25 years of experience. He founded his first company, Frontline Technologies in 1994 which he was primarily responsible for its inorganic growth. Within a short span of 7 years, Frontline expanded its presence from Singapore to 9 other countries in Asia Pacific. During his years in Frontline, Steve sealed 19 M&A deals in Asia Pacific, including 11 in Singapore, cementing Frontline’s leadership position in the region. In 2001, Frontline Technologies was listed in the main board in Singapore Exchange. It was subsequently acquired by British Telecoms in 2008, changing it to the present BT Frontline. Being the Executive Chairman and Director of Frontline for more than 15 years, Steve played a pivotal role in transforming Frontline to it current state.

Before Frontline, Steve has held several management positions in various multi-national corporations including Hewlett Packard and Mentor Graphics Inc, USA.

Known for his creativity and sharp financial acumen, Steve has assisted many ventures in structuring winning business models and deals and also guided many away from troubled waters.  For his entrepreneurship and achievement, Steve  was awarded the following accolades:

  • Prestigious Ernst and Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year Awards Singapore (Business Services & Technology) in 2002
  • National University of Singapore ‘Centennial Entrepreneurship Awards’ (100th year anniversary celebration) in the year 2005. Winner of Best Entrepreneur, Science and Technology Business
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration conferred by Wisconsin International University, USA in 2002 in recognition of his entrepreneurial achievements.

Steve is, at present, the Managing Partner of Gryphus Capital and sits in a few boards, including education institutions, government agencies, and a few listed and private companies.

To be effective in all his commitment, Steve runs his life like clockwork, which probably explains his indulgence in watches. He is especially fascinated by the  beauty of  how the complicated watch movement come together in tourbillion watches. Besides chalking up mergers and acquisitions, Steve is also an ardent sportsman who enjoys clocking his weekly mileage and marathons completed.