Terence Tan

Managing Partner at IPV Capital.

Investor Mentor

Managing Partner at IPV Capital.

Terence Tan is the Managing Partner at IPV Capital, a venture firm based in Shanghai. Prior to joining IPV, he served as head of Asia for Silicon Valley-based Worldview Technology Partners for 9 years.

Since 1997, Terence has directly worked with over 100s of early stage technology companies across all sectors of technology, advising and implementing cross border strategies.  Some of the successful ventures he was active in includes Redstone Networks, Intruvert and 3Par which were successfully acquired by MNCs such as Siemens, Symantac and HP respectively. Terence currently sits on the board of TradeHero, V-Key Inc., Ampnova, and Amprius Inc.

Terence started his career in Singtel before heading up Asian operations for US startup Teleos Communication Inc.

Outside the boardroom, Terence is very competitive in sports, particularly golf and tennis which he tries to play regularly. The mental focus needed in challenging oneself in golf and the thrill of outwitting the opponent across the net in tennis helps him maintain an active lifestyle.

Once, while playing in a tennis tournament, he over-extended himself, fell over and suffered a concussion, and lost his sense of smell!  While unfortunate, his sense of a good venture is very much intact, and he looks forward to continuing mentoring startups as he does with his four children.