Shirley Wong

Managing Partner

Frank Lee


Investors/ Mentors

Eddie Chau

Founder of e-Cop, Brandtology, V-key, Spini, Neeuro.

Tan Yen Yen

Regional Vice President and Managing Director of Asia Pacific (South) for SAS Institute.

Terence Tan 陈永川

Managing Partner at IPV Capital.

Ng Yi Pin 黄榆镔

Co-founder and managing partner of Yunqi Partners.

Alvin Chan 陈德伟

Founder of Brandtology, Neeuro.

Kelly Choo 朱捍鸣

Founder of Brandtology, Neeuro.

Steve Ting

Managing Partner of Gryphus Capital. Founder of Frontline Technologies.

David Su 徐传陞

Managing Partner of Matrix Partners China.

Eden Lau 刘伟良

Regional Director, Social of iSentia Group Limited. Founder of Brandtology.

Jixun Foo 符绩勋

Managing Director of GGV Capital’s Shanghai Office.