TNF-Talk: How can Singapore Start-ups get into the China market and survive?

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123JS Insights: TNF-Talk(1) successfully held on 28th Oct

SINGAPORE, 29 Oct 2015 – Our first humble startup talk collaboration with TNF Ventures – TNF Talk(1) – has been successfully held on 28th Oct 2015 at SiTF House. We are honored to have Shirley, Terence and Kelly with us last evening providing all attendees some delicious food for our thoughts. Also, we are delighted to see some familiar faces too *waving hand to members of SiTF*!

TNF-Talk 1 which aim was to offer some insights into the penetration of local startups into China and surviving there, saw over 60 attendees turn up in the evening with more streaming in throughout the 2 hours event. Prior to the talk, Jie Lun from SiTF’s 123JumpStart  gave us an introduction on 123JumpStart and Frank introducing TNF Ventures.

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Shirley from TNF Ventures, who also happens to be the chairman of SiTF was the moderator of the evening regulating the talk and keeping the flow smooth. Apart from ensuring our guest speakers covered the different aspects of the topic, Shirley also shared her personal business experience in China 2 decades ago, way before China actually opened up its market. Impressive isn’t it? What an inspiring female entrepreneur Shirley is!

Terence who is managing a venture firm (IPV Capital) in Shanghai shared some of the challenges startups might potentially face when they get into the China market. He brought up the example of Tradehero, coincidently one of SiTF’s more successful iJAM incubatee graduate, whom is currently expanding in China. Generously, Terence also provided some of his personal advice to entrepreneurs who are thinking of getting a slice of the China mega pie. Well, for those who didn’t attend the talk, here’s his greatest tip: if you want to get funding from a China-Chinese VC, make sure you are physically there in the country running the business.

Kelly, whom also has his fair share of business experience in China was sharing with the attendees which part of China he penetrated and which is the highly recommended city for startups to enter. Kelly briefly shared his academic background, what his younger self was like and his entrepreneurial journey on how he got successful with his 4th startup, Brandtology, where he joined forces with Eddie Chau.

Following the talk was a Q&A session where Shirley opened the floor to questions. We’ve seen multiple hands raised eagerly, hoping to get a chance to share their questions & doubts with the guest speakers. Some of the questions raised include protection of IPs in China, trust issues, legal agreements with China VCs and more…

At the end of the talk, attendees were invited to the main hall for networking and refreshments! Woohoo, having the opportunity to network with guest speakers and fellow attendees was definitely the highlight of everyone’s evening.

It is heartwarming to see the entrepreneurial fire burning brightly at the event venue last evening. We observed the enthusiasm and excitement when attendees got a chance to get up close with the guest speakers. We’ve also seen many name cards exchanged, handshakes made and smiles given. Thank you everyone for making this talk a successful one.

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