TNF Ventures Incubates Ohanae

SINGAPORE, 5 April, 2013 ─ TNF Ventures completes an undisclosed six-figure sum investment into Ohanae, Inc., a company that is offering enterprises and professionals a way to safeguard data on the cloud.

Maintain Control while Providing a Simple End-User Experience

In a mobile-centric world, business has a new challenge on its hands: ensuring that users can access and collaborate on content anytime, anywhere and on any device.  Whether the enterprise is buying these mobile devices for staff, or individuals are bringing their own devices to use at work, employees want the same content sharing and collaboration experiences with these platforms as with their corporate-issued laptops and desktops.  Content sharing has been a tough nut for businesses to crack as business loses control over content that may well be subject to regulatory or enterprise privacy, security, compliance or other requirements.

“At Ohanae, we believe the ultimately security and compliance boils down to being able to protect the data and logins.  Trying to control the device, in a lot of cases, is neither necessary nor sufficient.  At the end of the day, if you have the ability to protect the data and make sure that your data is not leaking off, you do not have to touch the rest of the device.” said Greg Hauw, founder and CEO.  The best security for cloud storage is to encrypt the data and not give your service providers the keys to unencrypt it.  Sensitive data on endpoint devices must not be subject to data breaches and login passwords cannot be guessed, phished, or stolen.

The power and sophistication of Ohanae® Connect is delivered through a powerful integrated security solution that combines sophisticated technology with elegant simplicity to create and protect unique passwords and encryption keys.  Information at the public cloud storage providers is no longer insecure.  All files in the cloud sync folders are encrypted before uploading to the respective cloud storage services.  Files for collaboration and sharing are transparently encrypted with unique encryption keys, while maintaining the familiar access control user interface provided by cloud storage providers.

About Ohanae

Ohanae empowers users to create, share, and keep all their files in the public cloud storage and access from multiple devices securely without compromise, making cloud storage and online transactions safer, faster, and more private.