TNF Ventures Launched with Poker Party

SINGAPORE, 18 May 2012 – TNF Ventures (TNFV), an incubator under National Research Fund’s Technology Incubator Scheme, launched the fund with an inaugural networking session today at Fusionopolis.

TNF Ventures, founded by key shareholders with backgrounds of entrepreneurs, senior corporate executives and venture capitalists are some of the IT luminaries in Singapore.  With the belief that their combined knowledge, experience and contacts could make a huge difference to a burgeoning startup ecosystem, TNFV looks to contribute back to Singapore by incubating the next generation of entrepreneurs.

“We are really excited to be here with a Dream Team we have put together and who share the same values. We pride ourselves with the ability to significantly add value to our investments across most sectors of technology and beyond the shores of Singapore, including China and Silicon Valley”, said Ms Shirley Wong, Managing Partner during the kickoff.

Calling themselves investor-mentors (IM), the partners of TNFV have vast experiences in building or nurturing companies from their infancy to successful enterprises.  The team members include Eddie Chau, Founder of E-Cop and Brandtology, Shirley Wong and Steve Ting, both co-founders of the public listed BT Frontline, Tan Yen Yen, Senior VP of Oracle, and David Su, Foo Jixun and Terence Tan who are Managing Partners of their respective VC funds of Matrix Partners, GGV and IPV Capital, all based in Shanghai.

Staying true to its mantra of having fun, TNFV ended the day with a group of start-ups, who were pre-selected from a pool of introductory video clips, with a poker game. The game ended with the top 3 startups winning an exclusive dinner with the TNF Team to further finetune their pitch for potential funding.